Kyoshiro: Well, it's like this.

I walked into my room, and smelled the old musky smell. The nostalgia was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. I sat on my bed and began to heal my injuries using a technique I learnt.

But before I could let it really work, I heard footsteps to my door. Then someone knocked.

"It's Harmony."

I smiled, "come in."

She opened the door, stepping into my room. Then she looked at me.

"What do you need Harmony?" I asked.

"I need to ask you about my past."

I was surprised "What about it?"

"Xavior, he said something while I was unconscious. He said, you thought something about my past was related to all the people coming here and I've just recalled something unnerving so I'd like to know what you know. I need to know, before someone else comes for me. Please!"

I nodded, and turned to face her.

"Sit down." She did, "Harmony, I am 3660 years old. I was born Dec. 31 1650 B.C. There is not a thing that you can think of that I have not seen. I have slayed demons, I have swam with mermaids, I have met greek heroes and I have been to Heaven and back. There are things I know, that I shouldn't. I have a multitude of powers and skills, I've had a thousand lifetimes to perfect them too.

"Harmony, I was once a council member. And I was harsh. Lux and I became friends really good friends. Because at that time, I was bitter agianst humanity. We would go and rape and pillage villages together. We would take who we wanted, for however long we wanted, to do whatever we wanted. For me, it was to fulfill my carnal desires of sex. For him, it was for expiramental purposes.

"We found you in a small village in the south. I don't know if you remember it, but it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We came and we stole you for Lux, and your mother for me. I killed your mother after a month, as I always do, but he kept you longer than usual. You became his favourite expirament.

"Xavior, a young vampire, fell in love with you fast, and wanted to take you away from there. He told me about this, but I denied him my help. One day he came in and began barking orders at Lux to stop these expiraments. Then, Lux got real angry, real fast. He began fighting Xavior, but he had the upper hand. From, what I remember, he stuck a needle into Xavior's neck and put in a corrosive acid into his blood. I came in, and told him that was enough. I fought Lux and he went through the wall. I went to Xavior and took all the acid out. I then took you and him to a safe area outside of the town. And as you and Xavior awoke, I use another one of my powers to implement a memory of what had happened without me.

"Then I ran away from my duty, and I wandered the world."

By the time I was done, Harmony was close to tears. Hearing about how I used to be must have put alot into perspective.

"But, in short. You have the gift of Hemalisavet. A powerful ability that I have only seen once before."

"So, is that why their after me?"

"Yes, the gift is like a weapon, anyone can use it. Not just you. And so, by using it one could take over the world. I have to say, I'm very tempted to use you, but I keep myself from doing it."

The End

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