Harmony: Please

Everything was black, but I was not alone, my memories raced in my head, until something forgotten, something that was locked away, loomed to the front of my mind.

"Your very special Harmony, not like the others"
I stared at the man in white, terrified.
"Your powers are fenominal, even human, your true self..."
I backed up against the little table, gripping the lamp
"Only a little longer, my lady" he stepped towards me, a long seringe in his hand, a seringe I have been tortured by for years.
I shook my head. He was in front of me now, I pulled the lamp,, forcing it down on the man. It smashed but he showed no diversion, he gripped my arm and peirced my skin again. I screamed silently, kicking him. "She will be ready soon my leige, you will not be disappointed"
"Good" a smooth, calm voice came from the corner, stepping into the limited light "You have done well Lucifer" Eyes shone in the dark, a bright and terrifying red.

My eyes flew open and I felt strange, empty. "Harmony!" Xavior's arms were around me, reassuring and strong "I am so sorry"

I burried my face into his chest "I love you" I whispered "I love you Xavior"

"I love you too Harmony, always have" he kissed my head "How are you feeling, can you still hear..."

"No, I can't. Do you know where Asha and Kyoshiro is?"

"I don't-" footsteps resonated down the hall "Their in"

"I need to talk to them, but I need to let Asha rest, she's done alot for me today"

Xavior nodded "Can you stand?"

"Yes" Xavior released me and I rested my hand on his cheek "I'll be back soon, promise"

He put his hand over mine "Soon sounds good" he took my hand from his cheek and kissed it.

I stood up, measuring my step and breathing. I opened the door and made my way to Kyoshiro's room.

I knocked "It's Harmony"

"Come in"

I opened the door, stepping into a room that had been vacant for a long time. I looked at Kyoshiro, taking in his injuries and making the connection.

"What do you need Har?"

"I need to ask you about my past"

That took him by surprise "What about it?"

"Xavior, he said something while I was unconcious,  he said you thought somethng about my past was related to all the people coming here and I've just recalled something unnerving so I'd like to know what you know. I need to know, before someone else comes for me. Please"

The End

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