Jay: Calm

 It was nice to just lie here with Asha. She seemed to calm me in ways no one else ever could. No matter what was going on with the newborns or the Council, I didn't care, because I was with her, and time wasn't going by too quickly. When I was with Asha, time stopped for us to just be.

 A funny thing, time. It's just numbers someone made up, but if it weren't for time, we wouldn't be able to live. We construct our lives around it. I was sure that there was probably someone who didn't take notice of time. I wanted to be able to do that with Asha. To just be together forever. And now that it seems that forever was possible for us, my heart yearned even more for the destruction of time.

 Suddenly, I heard something from the forest. A fight. I listened closely, frowning. Asha noticed and looked at me with a questioning look.

 "I can hear fighting. Quick!" I said when I heard Kyroshiro and Demons. I could smell the Demons' putrid scent from here. It was a distinctive smell I knew well. These Demons were angry.

The End

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