Asha: Sheilding

"Harmony? are you okay? Harmony?"

Xavior was by her side, strocking hair from her face, a feircely tender expression on his. I stood a little away, worried and watchful.

"She's in shock" I replied softly.

"Is that even possible?"

"Well if you look at her....yes, it's entirely possible"

"What do we do?"

"Well if someone's in shock your supposed to slap them but......I don't think that will help her"

"I think she needs some calming time, she's probably reached her limit for today"

I was trying to calm Xavior as much as reassuer Harmony, who seemed to be in the grips of something not altogether unlike a waking nightmare. She lay rigid on the bed,

You will come to us Harmony, you belong to us.

"Asha, did you hear that?" Suprise unfroze her limbs.

"No, what?" I had heard a whisper, nothing more.


We're coming for you

I heard it this time. Harmony covered her ears as though they pained her.

"They're talking to me! Please Asha! Can you stop it?" I realised then that Harmony had become like a little sister to me. I hated the Council more for doing this to her.

"Harmony? Whats wrong with her?" Xavior looked up at me, sliently asking for help.

"The Council, their in her head" I gently, but firmly took Harmony's hands away from her ears so that she could hear me. "I can't stop it Harmony, but I can mute it, you may still feel it"

I didn't even know I could do this, until I said the words. My powers were growing at a rate I could not control.

"Do it! Please!"

I hated to hear her in pain.

Laughter echoed in my ears as I know it did in hers. It hurt. Burned. Then I erected a sheild around her mind. I felt the strike again and again, like a burning hammer. I tried not to show any pain, for their sake.

"Har! It's okay! Everything will be fine!" Xavior was talking to her, though I felt myself go white. The strikes came again, harder, burning stronger.

"No! Someone-someone's in pain, I can feel it, it hurts! Please make it stop!" Tears rolled over her cheeks, her eyes were wild. "Demons!" She screamed and I did something I never thought I could. I made her go unconcious. The second she was out, the strikes stopped. I sank to the floor, exhausted, with a crippling headache looming.

"Is she okay? What happened?" Xavior looked at me completely lost.

"She's unconcious, hopefully sleeping. She will be okay when she wakes up." I replied, my voice sounding distant to me.

Asha? Are you okay?

Jays voice brushed my mind. I explained breifly and he came up.

"Xavior, Asha needs rest.. Look at her." He had picked me up and was holding me against his chest. "I'm going to take her to our room."

Xavior nodded, turning back to Harmony. Jay carefully steered me back to my room, where I slid gratefully onto the bed. Jay lay with me, not speaking for a long time.

The End

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