Harmony: the pain of another

I was frozen on my bed. Why are the council interested in me? I was just a lab rat! But Daren and Lucifer....why? They wanted me, alive, kind of....but why?

"Harmony? are you okay? Harmony?"

"She's in shock"

"Is that even possible?"

"Well if you look at her....yes, it's entirely possible"

"What do we do?"

"Well if someone's in shock your supposed to slap them but......I don't think that will help her"

"I think she needs some calming time, she's probably reached her limit for today"

I couldn't see anything, just red, a scarlet memory.

You will come to us Harmony, you belong to us.

I unfroze "Asha, did you hear that?"

"No, what?"


We're coming for you

I covered my ears "Their talking to me! Please Asha! Can you stop it?"

"Harmony? Whats wrong with her?" Xavior.

"The council, their in her head" Asha  pried my hands away "I can't stop it Harmony, but I can mute it, you may still feel it"

"Do it! Please!"

Laughter echoed in my ears, it hurt. Then I felt something stronger, like I was being struck again and again, being burnt, but this was not my pain.

"Har! It's okay! Everything will be fine!"

"No! Someone-someone's in pain, I can feel it, it hurts! Please make it stop!" I felt the tears swell over "Demons!" and then I screamed and everything went black.

The End

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