Kyoshiro: Running

"Gah! Stop teleporting!" Xavior screamed.

We were both running through the forest at almost light speed. The trees were whipping past us by a dozen every second. Then, I stopped and I put my hand out to stop Xavior.

"What was that for!?"

"Well, there's no point chasing him, because eventually we'll be to far from Vampire Mansion, then he'll just teleport over there and attack Harmony. And we wouldn't be able to do anything about it. So let's just go back to the mansion while we still can."

"Ok, you have a point."

So we both went back the the mansion, running fast. While we were running we heard a scream in the forest. I stopped, so did he. I tried to listen for another noise, but I knew that it came from the east.

"Should we check it out?" He asked.

"Yeah, we should."

"Ok, let's go."

So we ran eastward, towards the origin of the noise, and we stopped when we saw a camp.

"Come with me, up the tree." I whispered.

So we climbed up the tree, and began walking along the boughs and branches to get a better look of the encampment from above. Then what we saw was horrible.

An obvious vampire was being whipped and beated with whips that had sharp ends. They were preparing peices of wood in what looked like a stake.

"Oh my God." Xavior whispered, "what are they doing?"

"They're burning vampires. And it won't be long before they get to Vampire Mansion."

"Should we attack them." You could hear the anger in his voice.

"No, no we shouldn't. I should, you should go back to the Vampire Mansion and warn them about - wait!"


"Did you see that?" I was shocked at what I had seen.

"What, did I see what?"

"That one man saw us and his face turned all demonic."

"You think they're demons?"

"Yes, Xavior, you need to go back the the mansion. Warn them, tell them to get ready for an attack, a brutal one. Then, you need to come back and get me, make sure you're quiet though."

"How will I know where you are?"

"Well, these woods have a habit of granting wishes, if you want to be somewhere, it'll take you there."

"You're right. Ok, I'll go, stay safe."

And with that he zoomed off into the distance. I sat, watching the brutal torture of my vampire bretheren. I was angry, and my temper was through the roof. Then, an arrow zoomed past me.

My eyes widened as I realized, they're trying to get me.

I dropped the the forest floor and unsheathed my sword. I began my killing spree, killing many of the demons. In the rage of war I noticed the female vampire running off into the woods, in the direction of Vampire Mansion, I only hope she got there alive.

Then my mind is captured by the fight.

Hack, slash, stab, hack, slash, stab, hack, slash, stab, hack, slash, stab, hack slash, stab, hack, slash, stab.

Then something snapped, everything went red and I was knocked out.


When I woke up, I looked around, all of the demons, and their houses were destroyed. Blood was everywhere, but none of it was mine. I noticed my sword was sheathed, then the overwhelming sense of tire fell upon me. And I slept.

The End

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