Kyoshiro: Daren? Do I know him?

I had brought Xavior here, knocked out. I placed him gently on the floor, Jay and Asha saw me.

"Kyoshiro?" Asha spoke first, "how did..."

"He's stubborn, I'll give him that." I sighed, "where's Harmony?"

"Upstairs, she's a little down."

"Okay, I'll go see her soon, it won't make her feel better this way."

She sighed "You know Harmony very well."

"Well, I know a lot more than she, or any of you for that matter, care to think. But, Harmony has been around for a long time, surprisingly."

"What are you talking about?"

"Haven't you noticed all the guys trying to kill her?"

"Yeah, so?"

"She has the gift of-"

All of the sudden I heard a voice in my head, "Asha, can you get someone to come up here? Probably Kyo. I need a little help."

I turn my head to Harmony's room, but not wanting to allow them to know another of my powers, I simply excuse it.

"I hear something in Harmony's room."

I leap, I bound up to her room, barely touching the staircase. Not being a patient man, I rammed through the door, to see a male attacking Harmony.

Harmony looked at me, "You know, the door was unlocked."

Partially ignoring her snide comment, I run full speed at the male. I grab him and use him as a shield, going through the wall. I land atop him on the ground. He snarles. I jump backward about 30 feet and unsheath my sword in midair. Then I run towards the male and make a swing, but then he's not there. I look around for him, and feel for his presence only to see him about 60 feet eastward.

"You can teleport, how amusing."

I control the earth and make roots grow on him, the roots cover his whole body and keep him there, unable to teleport, or so I thought. I run at him, and make a swing with my sword, I blink, and he's not there anymore. I simply cut through a collection of roots.

Then I feel a pain in my back, and I feel myself being propelled forward from the blow, but he's there, he does and uppercut and I fly upwards. Slightly gaining my bearings and try to slice at him, before he teleports I manage to get two fingers.

I feel raindrops on my head and look up, I see him falling towards me, the places where his fingers were bleeding profusely. Quickly, he punches me, sending me straight into the ground. I fall to the ground, with my sword somewhat in the grasp of my right hand. Then, I feel raindrops on the back of my head and realize he's falling to me. I roll to the side and watch him teleport before he hits the ground.

I get up, and place my hand on my stomach, the cuts and bruises seem to heal themselves. Now, with new strength and vigor and stand up, and I raise my sword. Then, I notice Xavior jumping out of the whole I created in the wall, he is bounding for the male.

I notice that the male has all his attention on me, and doesn't notice Xavior. So, I fake a limp and slowly walk towards him, he smiles and laughs. Then, Xavior catches him and sends him to the ground. He begins to attack the male. I slowly walk over there, amused at watching the male get beat by Xavior. Then, the male teleports again, but he wasn't very smart, he teleported right infront of me. I quickly grasp my sword and swing at him, I create a large gash across his back, and blood is spewing out.

Then, he teleports again, I don't know where he is, so I go over to Xavior and we stand back to back.

"How are you feeling?"

"My head hurts."

"Do you have a plan for killing this guy?"

"No, do you?"

"No, not yet. We just need to distract his attention between the two of us until I find one."

Then, I feel him push off and begin to run, I see him chasing after the male, only to have the male teleport. As this was going on Harmony crawled down the wall, and she walked over to me.

"Kyo, his name is Daren."

After she explains to me a little about him, I go and decide to help Xavior chase after Daren.

The End

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