Xavior: ouch


"Your highness, will you require transport today?" Lauren smiled at me and I could sense she was more than a little smug at my change in mood recently.
"No thank you Lauren, I would like to run, however, I would be very grateful if you could tell my father in about, six hours that I have an announcement to make when I return"
Lauren smiled "It would be my pleasure sire. Also, the pendant is in your pocket, god speed sir."
"Thank you Lauren, I don't know what I'd do without you"
"Be completely lost of course" she laughed "now go, you don't have alot of time"
I got up and pulled the light blue jacket over my white shirt, the gold embroidery shining in the light. "Thank you" I whispered and sped down the halls at full speed. My heart felt so light and free, todays the day! I have to tell her! My smile was wide as I entered the room I had been visiting for the past few years.
"Harmony I -" I stopped. NO! NO! NO! Her body was motionless except for the tears rolling down her cheeks, her heart beat faster and faster and I knew I was too late. "No" I caught the scent of her blood then, tainted with my venom. Forscythe. He will pay for this. I rushed over to Harmony and plaed my hand on her cheek, it was boiling "I am so sorry Harmony, I promise you I did not mean for this to happen." I kissed her cheek and as I walked away, she screamed.

"Xavior, what a pleasant surprise" Forscythe beamed
"Not so pleasant Forscythe" I growled
"What ever is the matter?"
"You have been using humans a guinea pigs" my fists balled up
"Your highness, I promise you I had no idea about you aversion to animal testing-"
I hissed "Humans are no animals Forscythe, you used to be one so it seems like your the only exception"
"No need to be crude sire, I will discontinue the experiment immediatley"
"The damage is already done"
"What are you....oh. Your talking about that human, Harmony. I see, you liked her? If you want, she's yours, your father wouldn't mind"
"You bastard! I love her! Prepare to feel a pure bloods wrath." my eyes glowed a horrible violet  and I could feel the fresh blood in him churning, pinning him to the ground. Then the guards came in "Help! The prince has lost control of his powers!"
I hissed "you are a dead man Forscythe,a dead man"

I opened the door, my hair flowing to my shoulders, blood on my cheek and shirt. "Xavior?" Harmony stared at me, she was in shock.
"It's me Har yeah. Are you alright?"
"I think....does this mean I'm..."
"I'm sorry Har, I wasn't quick enough"
Harmony was at my side instantly "It's not your fault Xavior"
I sighed "We have to go Harmony, The council are distracted, we have to run" Harmony grabbed my hand like she always did when she was scared "Okay" she whispered "Running, easy"

We ran like crazy, not stopping until we were in some abandoned ranch in texas. I already had the plan, the hunt, the battle plan, but the first step was going to hurt. "Har, I want you to listen to me. I'm going to lead anyone following us away, I want you to run, find somewhere safe and wait for me"
"Trust me Harmony. Please. I'll find you as soon as I can, I promise"
Harmony bit her lip and looked behind her and to me "Okay Xavior, I trust you"
I smiled and kissed her hand "Thank you Har. See you soon"
"Promise?" Her face looked so concerned that I almost didn't go, almost. But I had to do this, for her, for us .

My eyes shot open. Okay, that really, really hurts! What happened? I rub my head and moaned "Har...." then it all came back " Oh man......" am I at the castle?

"He's awake!"

"Give him some air!"

"Asha? Jay?" I wince as my eyes start to focus "Whats going on?"


The End

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