Harmony: Is it coincidence?

As we walked back to the mansion, carrying Asha, I couldn't help dwell on everything that had happened and all in less than a week.





And Lucifer with his deal. It all seemed too coincidental, almost planned, but who would plan this? Who could plan this?

"Harmony, are you okay?" Sylvester murmered

I sighed "I'm not sure, I feel kinda numb"

"I could go get-"

"Sylvester, I don't think Xavior's coming back, not until he decides to. It isn't the first time we seperated and it was about a year and a half until Xavior came for me, it's how it's always been." I tried to sound strong but I was worried to death. Lucifer can't be trusted, he's sneaky and underhanded. Anyone who has so much as shook his hand will know the extent of his slimy persona, and yet Xavior handed himself over to him....

We entered the mansion in silence. I handed Asha over to Jay "if any of you need me, I'll be in my room" I held back the tears beginning to form in my eyes "if Jack gets out of control, let me know"

I went up the stairs quite quickly and when I was out of sight, I slowed down.  Xavior may have disappeared before but this felt different and I was sure this would tear me apart. I dragged myself into my room and lay, motionless on the bed.

"I'll never be, a knight in armour with a, sword in hand, or kamikazy fighter....don't count on me, to storm the barricades and, take a stand, or hold my ground. You never see and scars or wounds, I don't walk on coals, I wont walk on water....." the tears became uncontrolable then.

Xavior. You idiot.

I curled up tighter, praying that everything would be okay, knowing different.

"Kyoshiro?" Asha's voice sounded shocked downstairs, making me sit up.

"How did....?"

"He's stubborn, I'll give him that" Kyo sighed "Wheres Harmony?"

"Upstairs" Asha said "She's a little down"

"Okay, I'll go see her soon, it won't make her feel better this way"

Asha sighed "You know Harmony very well"

A movement caught my eye on the balcony and I jumped up, tense.


My chest ached, "Xavior? but you....."

"I couldn't leave you Har, not again"

I jumped into his arms and realised my mistake "Your not Xavior!"

"No, I'm not" he said, smug "But I suggest you co-operate or your boyfriend wont make it in time"

"What did you do to him?"

He smiled "If you want to find out, come with me. Your choice, the easy way, or the hard way"

Somethings wrong, very wrong. I can smell him, fresh, not a residue on someone, he's actually here.

"Screw the bull crud buddy, your bluffing"

His face lit up and became angelic "Hard way" I pushed him back and he leapt at me.

I pounced, going for the kill "Bad move bucko, I'm peed enough as it is and I can guartentee my anger is out of your league"

I knocked him to the floor and recognised his face "Daren" I whispered, the other boy that Xavior had saved. This is too coincidental.

Asha, can you get someone to come up here? Probably Kyo. I need a little help.

The End

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