Kyoshiro: Lux?

I felt the presence of Xavior get less and less powerful. As Harmony and the others carried Asha back to the mansion I decided to check it out. I ran after him at almost light speed. Easily I found him, along with Lucifer Forsythe.


He turned to me.

"Why, Kyo, it's been so long."

I frowned, "I thought I killed you."

"You underestimate the power of demons."

"I see, so you're the man I saw in my vision."


"Nevermind. Give him back."

Then Xavior spoke.

"No! I have to go and everyone will be safe."

I look at Xavior, "you can't possibly believe a word he says, his entire life is based upon lies and half-truths."

Then Lux spoke, "go away, please."

I unsheathed my sword, and Lux threw Xavior to the ground, somehow making him stay there. He then took out a small knife of his.

"Remember this?"

"Quite well."

"Remember what it does?"

"If you manage to stab me with it all my life, memories and soul will be transfered to you, correct?"

"Close enough."

Then he lunged, I jumped back quickly.

"But, I've grown Lux. I have gained powers since we last met."

"Like what?"

"Like this."

Then, at that I made a gesture with my hand, and the ground around him opened up and he was swallowed into the pit. Then, the earth closed up on him.

I walked over to Xavior and wave my hand over him.


He finds that now he can, he stands up and looks at me strangely.

"How did you do that?"

"Simple, but to complicated for you. But he's not dead, we have to get out of here."

Xavior's eyes widen, and he pulls his arm from my grasp.

"No! If he's alive he'll come and hurt Harmony."

"Not with me there."

"Yes he will! You're not all powerful! You can't be in two places at once! You don't know what he can do!"

"And you don't know what I can do, before now you never knew I could do what I did to Lux, have faith in me."

"But, you died, didn't you? That means you have to have a weakness."

I chuckle, "no, I sacrificed myself so that Asha could live. My death was more like suicide, without my death, Asha wouldn't be here."

Then I grabbed his arm and led him back to the mansion, but he pulled his arm out of my grasp once again. I turned to him, annoyed.

"Will you stop doing that!"

"No, because I'm still not good enough for Harmony."

I roll my eyes.

"Please, she's crazy about you."

He looked at me, "what?"

"She loves you, so much. You idiot, you don't even realize. It hurts her so much to see you suffering, to see you in pain; to not see you at all would hurt her more. Can't you see that?"


"Fine! If you really want to go, you can, go."

He looks behind him, but hesitates. Then, he goes into a full sprint. I quickly move and punch him once in the back of the head. He falls, knocked out.

"One hit, K.O."

I put him over my shoulder and take him back to the mansion.

The End

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