Jay: Down Under. Down, Down Under

 We brought the newborns back to the mansion. Jack and Jemma seemed to be calm enough, but sadly, Ethan wasn't. He was twisting, turning and thrashing. He was lashing out at us. I could hear his heart beating faster than a machine gun. His breathing was coming out in short bursts. After a while, he gave up and bent his head down. Only seconds after, I realised he'd stopped his breathing. I knew this trick, but a power like this could only be gained after at least a year or so of turning.

 "Quick!" I shouted at Imira. "Get him to the basement. Now!" We pulled him to the basement with vampire speed, and helped him to the ground. I went up and locked the door. It was dark-- too dark for a human's eyes. But I could see perfectly. I waited for Ethan's breathing to calm down.

 "Ethan, I know how it feels, but you can control your hunger." I exclaimed.

 "How?!" He growled, his voice croaky. I flashed into the kitchen, and reappeared back in the basement within a second, holding  two wine bottles of blood. I gave him both, and he drank it like a baby drinking milk. He didn't even stop to breathe until he'd finished the first one. When he finished, I knew that his thirst should be under control unless he came across human blood.

 Imira and I took him back up into the mansion and we waited for the rest of the group.

The End

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