Asha: Another visitor.

Barely a moment. Jay held me for barely a moment before Jasper tried to kill us both again.

I was stunned that Jasper had somehow survived. Had I missed? Jay leaped up, growling and seconds later, Jasper fell, glittering ice. Jay floated down, facing me when he landed and I gasped. His face had distorted alomst to the point I couldn't recognise him. His fangs elongated past his chin.

This isn't Jay. This is not him.

Without a second though, I ran to him, taking him down to the floor and kissing him, not caring that I could feel the fangs. That he looked all wrong. Slowly, I could feel his face change back to normal. Finally, he kissed me back.

 "Whoa" He muttered when I was standing again. "What was that?" 

 "That was your love. I was in danger, and you went into full vampire mode." I replied, smiling.

He stood up, putting one hand on my cheek. "And you brought me back." He said softly.  I nodded, meeting his eyes.


Harmony's voice screamed out suddenly, interrupting us. We whipped round, Jay hearing through our link, to see Harmony confronted by a stranger. Xavior was standing by her, protectively.

"Jay, help me out here." I murmured softly, so only he could hear. He nodded and we ran, taking the fledlings back to the Mansion.

"Imira!" I called, seeing that she had run back with us. "Please, can you take care of them for us? I'm going back to help.. he'll be after me too.."

"Sure, you guys, follow me." she said, herding the fledglings deeper into the Mansion.

"Jay.. Imira might need help. Its up to you, but I'm going back as the Shadow." I said, pulling out my mask and leaving him, a breif kiss on the lips as a goodbye. Just in case. I reurned, breathless and masked, just as Xavior was speaking.

"What are you doing here Lucifer?"

"Why, we wanted to check up on the Shadow's progress, apparently we have been double crossed, however I do not find this a wasted journey" I grit my teeth.

Apparently, you are not the only ones to have been decieved Forscythe. I projected the thought to him alone, though he appeared not to react.

"And why is that?"

"Not only did we find dear Harmony and the Shadow but also the lost pure blood prince. Heroes we will be when we arrive home with you."

We? There are more of them?

"Ha! I will not leave, I have grown beyond your stupidity"

Careful Xavior. Keep calm. Remember, he doesn't want a fight. There's been enough of that today.

I projected the thoughts to Xavior, though Harmony seemed to hear them too.

"A shame. If you came home, we could leave this....coven in peace"

"What are you getting at Lucifer?"

"If you come home, we will leave these in peace, you have my word as a high council vampire"

Something that means little in the face of a breached contract. I thought bitterly.

Xavior glanced round, meeting all of our eyes in turn. I shook my head infentisimally. I heard Harmony beg him in a whisper.

Xavior.. We all want you to stay.

"You will leave them in peace? Everyone who has ever come to live at vampire mansion?"

Lucifer's lips twitched "Of course your highness. I swear by my blood and essence that no being who has ever lived at vampire mansion, even for a mere second, will ever be harmed by anyone involved with the council if you return home"

 "I agree to your terms"

"NO! You can't go Xavior! I won't let you!" Harmony screamed. I hissed, swords in hand. I knew it was right, but the Council was going to know that they had crossed me.

"Harmony, my truest love, one day, I hope to become someone who is worthy of your love." He kissed the top of her head. I'll be back, please keep everyone safe, give me three days Har, I will come back or I know you'll follow. I love you, goodbye.

Xavior ran off, Forscythe next to him. I watched with narrow eyes.

"Three days" Harmony whispered "We act in three days"

I gritted my teeth, tempted to run after them, for Harmony's sake as much as anything else. But I let my swords drop.

"I'm going back." I said flatly. "And I'm leaving for the Council in two days."

The End

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