Harmony: NO!!!!

"I love you too Harmony but saying it will not make it easier for either of us"

I took a deep breath and nodded "Vampire emotions suck"

"I agree" Kyoshiro kissed my hand and thats when I heard it.

A deep laugh, echoing in my head but this was not any ordinary laugh, this was his laugh. I hissed

"Harmony? Are you alright?"


"No, I'm not sure I am. We need to find Asha, now"

Kyo nodded and we followed Asha's sent, mixed with a thick, sweet scent of blood. I recognised this scent. Sylvester.

My eyes widened as the scene came into view. Asha's arm was cut, Jay had bruises, a vampire was beheaded and Sylvester was bleeding. "NO!" Aria leapt to his side and my heart throbed, it ached for my friends.

"Kyo, go help Aria, stop the bleeding but don't sacrifice yourself. I have a plan"

"Okay" Kyo ran over to Aria, using part of his kimono to hold the blood back.

"DIE!" My head snapped up, the vampire no longer beheaded. The guy from before....Lee's wacko brother.

Jay leapt, his face contorting, fangs growing as he killed Jasper once and for all. I stood perfectly still, a full vampire. A full vampire! Asha kissed Jay and I cheered, full vampires can heal!!!!

My celebrations cut off as I caught the scent, the one that belonged to the laughter "Hello"


I heard retreating footsteps and looked up to face the man. I scowled but smiled sweetly "We meet again Doctor Forscythe"

"Harmony, my dear, it is a pleasure to see you again"

"I wish the feeling was mutual. I believe the last time we met, you were injecting me with several shots of a certain pureblood's venom." I took a step foward "Not the best terms to part with"

Doctor Forscythe sighed "Unfortunately we were not given the chance to see the extent of your transmutation"

"Yes, it's a shame you missed the chance to kill me and now look, I'm not as feeble, it's no longer an unfair fight"

He laughed and I clenched my fists "You were my favorite, almost like a daughter"

Xavior's arms wrapped around me "She is no daughter of yours"

"Xavior? Ah yes, I do recall that you frequented with Harmony when she was human, it surprises me that you did not tire of her"

I hissed "You are no different to the last time, I am glad for that"

"And why would that be my dear?"

"It means I won't hesitate to kill you!" Xavior restrained me

"Shhhh, don't lose your head. He's not worth the effort"

"It will take no effort for me to make him suffer"

I knew I was acting out of character but this....thing, tortured me since I was a baby, a few days old and subjected to various tests and bloodthirsty vampires. I pushed away from Xavior and  grabbed at Forscythe, making a deep gash across his arm "You will pay!"

Xavior pulled me back as Forscythe's laughter echoed around the forest "Harmony, stop it! I will keep you safe no matter what! So calm the hell down and make my job that much easier!" the distress in Xavior's voice made me stop.

"I'm sorry Xavior. You can let go now, I'm okay"

Xavior loosene his chokehold and gripped my hand "What are you doing here Lucifer?"

"Why, we wanted to check up on the shadow's progress, apparently we have been double crossed, however I do not find this a wasted journey"

"And why is that?"

"Not only did we find dear Harmony and the Shadow but also the lost pure blood prince. Heroes we will be when we arrive home with you"

"Ha! I will not leave, I have grown beyond your stupidity"

I could feel Asha cautioning him with her thoughts, everyone watching silently, poised and ready to kill.

"A shame. If you came home, we could leave this....coven in peace"

"What are you getting at Lucifer?"

"If you come home, we will leave these in peace, you have my word as a high council vampire"

Xavior glanced around at our family, his eyes resting on me, a strong sense of longing in them "No" I whispered "Xavior, don't"

"You will leave them in peace? Everyone who has ever come to live at vampire mansion?"

Lucifer's lips twitched "Of course your highness. I swear by my blood and essence that no being who has ever lived at vampire mansion, even for a mere second, will ever be harmed by anyone involved with the council if you return home"

Xavior looked Lucifer strait in the eyes "I agree to your terms"

"NO!" I heard echoes of my cry from everyone "You can't go Xavior! I won't let you!"

"Harmony, my truest love, one day, I hope to become someone who is worthy of your love." He kissed the top of my head. I'll be back, please keep everyone safe, give me three days Har, I will come back or I know you'll follow. I love you, goodbye.

I watched in agony as Xavior ran off with our enemies, a sacrifice for his familly.

"Three days" I whispered "We act in three days"

The End

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