Sara: What an Overly Dressed Man Can Cause

"NO!" I shrieked as Jemma ran off towards the scent of blood. I scrambled after her as fast as I could, only stopping when I noticed she wasn't moving any more. No-one was moving. There was only silence. 

I looked at the people in the clearing. They were staring at the people on the edge of the clearing. My eyes found the source of the scent I was getting. Asha was bleeding, Sylvester was bleeding, and someone who's head was at the other side of the clearing was bleeding. The blood soaked the ground as some of the people there tried to stop the flow.

A rustle of leaves broke the silence, and a man stepped out of the surrounding bushes. He was dressed... it's hard to explain how he was dressed. Like he owned the place. The gazes of Imira, Xavior and Asha immediately locked on him, along with a few others. 

"Hello" the man said, grinning. But there was nothing friendly about this greeting whatsoever. Imira looked away from the man for one second, to look at me.

"Take these two back." she said as she fixed her eyes on the man again. "Now" it sounded like she was trying not to mention my name, or anyone else's name for that matter. I didn't even nod.

"Hold your breath" I told the new vampires under my breath. I put on hand on Jemma's arm and one hand on Ethan's. Ethan scratched my arm to get me off, leaving three deep gashes. His eyes widened when I didn't bleed. "Hold you breath" I told him again. He did so, and seemed to calm down a little. I walked slowly backwards, pulling them along with me. They came, not at all reluctantly. It was as if they weren't really aware of what they were doing. When we were about a metre back from the clearing, all hell broke loose. There was shouting and screaming, and snarling.

"What's happening?" asked Jemma, who had her eyes closed.

"I don't know" I lied. It was plainly obvious that the man was not at all welcome. "Right, don't breathe until I tell you to. Now, run"

The End

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