Jay: Total Idiot

 I kissed the top of Asha's head and pulled her into a tight hug.

 "I love you." I whispered quietly.

 "I love you too." She replied. I felt her face morph into a smile. I held her tighter. Suddenly, arms wrapped around me. I whirled around to find that Jasper was still alive and angry. Asha gasped. I growled, and bent into a hunting crouch. I let go of all of my feelings and emotions, and kept on to the animal side of me. But I still loved Asha, which wasn't normal when I gave over to my animal side. I growled, a feral rumbling, as Jasper pounced towards me and Asha.

 He was in mid-air when I jumped straight up, and he flew into me just after I sent out my ice aura. He froze, all blue and shiny.

 Everything was going in slow motion, so that should've taken seconds, but it lasted longer in my mind. When I was falling back to the ground, I wasn't falling-- I was floating.

 When I landed, I turned to Asha who gasped. I frowned, and felt that my forehead had gotten heavier. I raised my hands to feel that my forehead had morphed. It now looked like my eyebrows were two huge, long lumps with ridges that made them look scary. I could feel my fangs elongate at my subconscious command.

 I thought that Asha might be too scared to stay with me, but instead, she ran at me, tackled me, and kissed me. I felt my forehead morph back to normal, and my fangs shrunk infinitesimally. I felt my eyes burning as if they were coated in salt, but that went back to normal after a while.

 "Whoa" I muttered when Asha was standing. "What was that?" I asked.

 "That was your love. I was in danger, and you went into full vampire mode." She explained.

The End

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