Jemma: Blood. Lots of It

A snarl caught my attention as I tried to read Ethan's mind. I whipped around to see Jack, teeth bared.

"Jack? Are you OK?" I asked. He didn't say anything. His head whipped round and he ran like a blur towards where Sara, Xavior and Amanda were. Ethan looked at me as I looked at him, then we both pelted after Jack. 

When we got there, most people had left. Xavior and Imira were using all their strength to hold Jack back, while Sara stood in front of him, pushing against his chest trying to move him away from the forest. It was obviously taking a lot of effort, the strain showed on their faces. I went over to help. Then a soft hiss behind me made me turn around. Ethan was facing in the exact same direction as Jack, teeth bared. I touched his arm, and then I smelt it. It was a nice smell, warm. It was... blood. Ethan was off before me, but I was close on his heels. 

"Go get them!" I heard Amanda yell, sounding scared. Then Sara was after us. She grabbed my arm and I growled at her and wrenched it free. She followed me. I was only a little bit faster than her.

"Damn" I heard her mumble as the smell got stronger. Then she raised her voice "Ethan! Jemma! Stop! NOW!" she grabbed my arm again and held on too tightly. "Stop" she said sternly. I glared at her.

"ETHAN! STOP! NOW!" Imira darted past us. Xavior was not close behind. I wondered what they'd done with Jack, but I didn't really care. 

"Let. Go" I said to Sara through clenched teeth. I didn't want to hurt her. She didn't let go. I pulled her arm from mine with such force that it knocked her to the floor. I ran after the others.

"NO!" she screamed. I almost smacked into Ethan where he was frozen at the edge of a clearing. And there was blood. Lots of it.

The End

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