Asha: Lee's Legacy.

“Where is she?!”

I could hear frantic shouts coming from the forest, which distracted me from Jasper. I hoped they wouldn't think to come here.

Jay's voice was in my head the whole time, trying to find me, begging me to tell him where I was. I wanted to run to him but knew that Jasper would kill me as he promised.

Jasper leapt at me again, snarling the same threat over and over. I hadn;t got the engery to point it out to him and the bright gleam in his eye indicated he knew it. Suddenly I caught Sylvester and Jay's thoughts.

NO! The thought screamed in my head and a second later they burst through. Jay landed in the clearing in front of Sylvester.

“So you’re Jasper.” He growled.

There was a moment of utter silence and I met Jay’s eyes over Jasper’s shoulder. I told you not to come – go, now! I begged Jay, knowing Sylvester could hear. Jasper flicked his head from me to Jay then back, before grinning-almost a mirror image of Lee. That smile was like a blow as I realised what he was going to do.

“No!” I screamed as he flew at Jay, a split-second behind him. Sylvester launched himself at Jay, knocking him back. I collided with Jasper, knocking him to the ground. He landed a punch to my stomach and I rolled, winded. I heard Sylvester and Jay struggling and as I faced Jasper again, I couldn't resist glancing at them. Jasper, moving faster than I had expected, slashed, catching me in the stomach. I gasped involuntarily as blood rapidly seeped between my fingers. I looked up in time to see Sylvester staring at me and Jasper plunge the same dagger straight into his heart.

It seemed like the moments froze as Sylvester howled in agony, falling to his knees. I screamed and Jasper went for Jay next. I flew at Japser again, raising my half-swords. Then I heard Sylvester's thoughts.


I projected it.


My mind was roaring denial but Jay was fighting for his life. Jasper got his hands around Jay's throat and began choking him. I shook myself out of my paralysis, sweeping my half-sword in a low arc. The blade went clean through, separating Jasper's head from his body. Gasping, Jay sat up. Bruises stood livid against his throat already. I hugged him tightly as he stood up

"You idiot." I muttered, on the edge of tears. "You total, total idiot."

He kissed the top of my head as Kyoshiro and Harmony appeared, Aria close behind them.

"Sylvester." I muttered, running over to where he had fallen. He was barely breathing.

"Somebody help him," I looked up helplessly. This was my fault. "Please, for God's sake somebody HELP HIM!"

My voice ended in a scream and Jay picked me up from the ground, holding me tightly against his chest as I burst into tears. He put his head against mine as I put my arms around his neck helplessly.

"Its okay, its going to be okay." He muttered, trying to calm me, sounding just as upset as I was.

I turned to face the others who were standing looking thunderstruck.

"Somebody, please, somebody help him." I said again as Aria fell to her knees next to Sylvester.

The End

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