Sylvester: So quickly

Just then a shriek from the forest reached our ears and we spun around to see Jemma racing back towards us. Look after them. The words seemed to reverberate around the grounds as Xavior, Jay and I stopped to check if anyone else had heard it. I saw a few vampires rush out of the front doors of the mansion, just as Xavior lost control of Ethan and Jack, Amanda was trying to snatch at the young ones as they raced around, and Asha… was missing.

Jay sped towards the forest, only stopping to ask Jemma where Asha went. I was right on his tail.

“She ran in there – she’s in the forest!” Jemma gasped, but as soon as she’d risen her hand to point him in the right direction Jay was already gone. Stray branches whipped my arms and face, but the cuts healed instantly, leaving only a slight sting.

“Where is she?!” I cried frantically.

Jay was concentrating very hard on contacting Asha. “I can’t reach her – I’m trying!”

Suddenly a new scent reached me and I held out an arm to grab Jay, “Through here!” I hissed, and we both turned to the right, sniffing them out, until finally we reached a clearing. Asha and Jasper both had swords drawn and almost too quickly for me to catch it Jasper had leapt on her and there was a clash of silver.

“This time… I'm going to kill you properly.” He snarled. I was just about to take a step forward but Jay was already ahead of me, crouching in the clearing, ready to strike.

“So you’re Jasper.” He growled.

There was a heavy silence as the struggling pair stared wildly around to see who had spoken, and I saw Asha meet Jay’s eyes over Jasper’s shoulder. I told you not to come – go, now! She was pleading with Jay, but neither of us moved. Suddenly, Jasper grinned in a way that reminded me of Lee and I saw the realisation flicker through his eyes. His mind was made up in less than a second and, abandoning Asha, he flew at Jay.


I felt my legs move and, without really thinking about what I was doing, threw myself in front of Jay. There was a moment of confusion as I struggled to keep Jay out of the fight, and Asha was holding Jasper back behind us. I could hear them grappling on the ground and just as Jay stopped pushing against me I heard Asha gasp in pain.

Spinning around with Jay directly behind me I had just enough time to register Asha holding her stomach, blood seeping through her fingers, before I saw a blur of an arm, and a flash of silver crashing down in front of me.

Suddenly there was pain like nothing I’d ever experienced as Jasper sunk the blade deeper into my heart. I couldn’t stop myself from howling in agony and I fell to my knees, unable to see clearly. Just as swiftly as it had happened it was gone.

I saw Jay and Jasper rolling on the ground and Asha raising a half-sword to help, but I couldn’t move. I fell backwards onto the forest floor, and all I knew was the sensation of pine needles pricking my neck. I opened my mouth to speak but something was blocking the sound... I choked and felt blood splatter the back of my throat. Everything was spinning - it was just a blade... how could a blade cause this much pain...? I could hear the fight going on somewhere far in the distance… if only I could call to people like Asha could… if only I could call for her… anyone…


The End

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