Sara: A Bit of a Change

Look after them

Whoa. That couldn't have been just directly to me. Nobody (who can do that) knew me enough that they'd speak directly into my mind, just mine. 

I walked from where I was watching at the door of the mansion to where the training was taking place. The new vampires were running around, almost unsupervised except for the people who were trying to get them in order. And except for Amanda, who, though still human, was trying to get them to stand still.

In all my life - human and vampire - I had never seen anyone looking so worried as Jay was looking at that moment. He ran to help Xavior, who was one of the people trying to calm the new vamps down. But then he stopped Jemma as she ran past him. He asked her something, and she told him something and pointed towards the forest. Jay turned around, and ran in the direction she was pointing. Sylvester then dashed after him. I wondered briefly what that was about before Jack smacked into me at full speed. If I was human, that would have probably broken my arm. Being a vampire, it had no affect at all. I grabbed his arm and whirled him to face me.

"Calm down" I told him. Then I let him go. "Hey! I yelled at Jemma and Ethan. "Hold it! Running around like maniacs isn't going to help anything!"

They both stopped, Jemma jumping down from the tree she was in. 

"Thank you" Xavior said at the same time as Amanda. I smiled at them. 

"We're not maniacs" Jemma muttered.

"Well you were acting pretty much like one" I told her. I turned to Jack and Ethan so I could speak to all three of them "Now, why don't you go and see whether you have any powers?" I said, handing Jack the sheet of paper with the list of powers I'd tried for myself on it. "Test them"

They ran off. That was strange. 

"Why didn't I think of that?" Xavior smiled. 


"You're like a natural leader" Amanda said.

"Actually, I'm not. I've never lead anything before. I have no idea how that just happened. It was a bit of a change from what I'm normally like" I said.

The End

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