Asha: Training Attempts

Before I went into fully fledged panic, Jay appeared in the door.

 "I'm here; it's okay. I'd never defy you. You should know that." He said, calming me down.

Though I could tell he was keeping something from me, I relaxed, smiling and putting my hand on his. He wove our fingers together and we turned to face Xavior.

"Training?" Jay prompted him.

Xavior looked as though he would rather forget the whole thing.

"Yeah" Jay and I spoke at the same time, then looked at each other, bursting into laughter.

"I need to talk to Kyo"

I picked up on the sudden bitterness that emmanted from Xavior at the mention of Kyoshiro. While Harmony explained that Amanda had backed out. I kept the thoughts to myself though as we made our way to the feilds at the front of the mansion. Within minutes, the fledglings had scattered and were messing around.

This is going to be harder than I'd planned. And Jasper is bound to hear this..

 "Jack! Jemma! Ethan! Training time! Amanda, you too. We need your help!" avior yelled loud enough for anyone to hear. Inwardly I groaned. I had wanted to remain invisible to these new vampires for as long as possible. Jay was standing off to one side watching the whole thing. Sylvester went over to him but I got distracted by the fledglings again. I felt a spurt of annoyance as Jemma kept leaping around, distracting the others. I looked at Xavior in appeal. I wasn't used to this kind of thing and I certainly did not want to deal with it. Amanda was hiding behind him. Xavior said something to her then yelled at the others.

 "Guys! Stop mucking around and let Asha teach you!"

Jemma moaned and jumped down from the tree finally "Okay"

"Get in a line and do exactly as Asha tells you, or so help me I get your creators to issue a command"

They all shuddered and fell into line.

"Thanks Xavior" I smiled gratefully.

He smiled back "No problem"

Amanda peeked over his shoulder at us and I smiled, the others beginning to shift around already. I hurriedly started the training session, pairing them up and setting up mock fights, teaching them some of the basic movements so they didn't get killed.

Finally Amanda came out into the open.

 "Come on guys! Team work!" she yelled, "Ethan! Keep up your stance! Focus! Listen to Asha! Thats it!"

I breathed a sigh of relief. Keeping one eye on them, I wandered over to Xavior.

"Thank you for this." I said, smiling.

He laughed, watching as Amanda began ordering Ethan around. "Its fine."

"Xavior..what was all that about earlier? When Harmony mentioned Kyoshiro.." I spoke carefully, noting that he tensed suddenly and went very still.

"I'm not going to say anything now, but you need to trust him." I said, "Because if you don't, you put all of us in danger." I spoke softly. "I don't think you want that any more than I do. You have people to watch over." I glanced at Jay, who was still talking to Sylvester. He seemed upset. "And so do I."

Xavior nodded. "I'll talk to you later."

"Okay." I replied then ran back to the others, where Ethan and Jack had started fighting for real.

"Guys!" I yelled, going in between them. Ethen tried to throw himself at Jack again and I stopped him, putting one hand on his chest. He fell to the floor, glaring up at me.

"If you want to survive longer than ten seconds you need to get this right." I stressed. "Else you put everyone here in danger and you'll get yourselves and potentially all of us killed. Remember, these people are dangerous. And they are going to do their best to kill you. So pay attention!"

They both nodded, looking away.

"Right, Jemma, I'll spar with you, boys, watch and learn a bit. Then its your turn."

Jemma moved in front of me, the boys backing off. We were using padded wooden sticks instead of real weapons, but a strong hit could leave a bruise.

"Go." I said flatly. I could feel Jay's attention on us suddenly as she flew at me. I blocked her attacks easily, letting her back me to the forest edge.

"Lets test your footwork." I called and leapt up into a tree. She landed slightly clumsily on a branch nearby and carried on.

"May I?" A voice floated down. I looked up to see Jasper levelling a gleaming sword at my throat.

"Jemma. Run." I ordered her as yells errupted from the feild. I dropped the training weapons and drew my half-swords, landing on the forest floor. Xavior and the others were running towards me, Jasper had followed me to the ground.

"Such a commotion..." He purred.

"Well, try to keep up." I replied, sprinting away suddenly, deeper into the forest. As I had hoped, Jasper followed me.

Look after them. I sent out wildly to the others. I drew Japser away, protecting those who were in the Mansion a little. I tore through undergrowth, heading to the clearing where Lee and I had fought. I knew the terrain as that was where I practiced. It was an advantage no one else would have.

Please, please let them stay away. I can't see anyone hurt because of this.

I burst out into the clearing and wheeled to face him.

Japser paused, grinning.

"Does madness just run in your family, or are you and your brother just special cases?" I said, taunting him.

His face dropped into a snarl and he leapt at me. Our swords clashed, his face inches from mine.

"This time.. I'm going to kill you properly." He snarled.

The End

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