Xavior: Guesse so

Once the training started, Amanda cowered behind me "Come on Amy, there not even fighting, there just mucking about, like little kids.We need you"

Amanda shook her head.

I sighed "Guys! Stop mucking around and let Asha teach you!"

Jemma moaned and jumped down from the tree "Okay"

"Get in a line and do exactly as Asha tells you, or so help me I get your creators to issue a command"

They all shuddered and fell into line.

"Thanks Xavior"

I smiled "No problem"

Amanda peeked over my shoulder at the others.

"They could do with some support y'know. Training is about to get serious"

Amanda bit her lip and smiled shyly "I'm just being stupid, aren't I?"

"Yes you are" I beamed " Their your friends Amy, not giant spiders"

Amanda laughed at my recolection of her fear. "Come on guys! Team work!" she yelled, going into leader mode "Ethan! Keep up your stance! Focus! Listen to Asha! Thats it!"

Maybe if Amanda can get over this, I can get over Kyoshiro. As long as Harmony's happy, I don't care.

The End

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