Sylvester: Training

I followed Jay, Asha, Xavior and the new vampires outside; they were about to start their training. Now the siring was over, and the stench of new blood had lessened I wasn’t feeling quite so queasy and I wanted to watch how they were going to do this thing. I watched Xavior try to line the new ones up but they were too full of newfound energy to do anything they were told just yet. I tried not to laugh – training? Ha – none of us had ever had anything like it. We had to do it by ourselves.

I was watching Jay closely – he’d tried to sneak off before, but Asha caught him just in time. He kept shooting longing glances at the forest and as a result Jemma was having trouble controlling her urge to run all over the place. I rolled my eyes and sauntered casually over to him so as not to alert Xavior or Asha. “Hey.”

“Oh hey…” he turned to face me, eying Jemma very carefully as she jumped from tree to tree, laughing and distracting the other two. “What’s up?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you.”

I settled him with a dark look and he gritted his teeth. Taking one last look over his shoulder at Asha he said, “Lee’s brother is working with Asha. They have to take down the mansion, only Jasper wants Asha dead to avenge Lee…”

I grimaced, “Yeah I know about that…”

“You knew?!” Jay exclaimed incredulously.

“She made me promise not to tell you, or anyone – ” Jay scoffed and shot Asha a worried look.

“Why’d she tell you and not me?”

I couldn’t answer that, so instead asked another question. “Where were you going, just now?”

He shifted his feet guiltily and said in an undertone, “I was going to look for Jasper – I have a feeling he’s still around here somewhere, and he’s not going to rest until Asha’s dead. I can’t let that happen, but I promised I wouldn’t go looking for him.”

I stared back into his face – I knew it must have been killing him that his wife wouldn’t let him protect her, because I felt the same way. I didn’t want Jasper anywhere near the mansion, near the people I loved, if I could help it. “What would you say… if I was willing to help you?”

Jay shook his head, “How do you mean?”

“Well think about it – with Jasper wandering around he could blow our whole mission against the council. We could lose everything.” I shoved my hands in my pockets, missing the weight of the old Soulsphere, and muttered so that Asha couldn’t hear or sense what we were talking about, “He needs to die. We can’t let him tell the council what we’re up to.”

Jay stared back at me with a fire in his eyes. “I agree… but, how will we get around Asha? I don’t ever want to hurt her.”

I took one last look over Jay’s shoulder at Asha who was laughing at Jack, and at Amanda who was cowering behind Xavior. Harmony and Kyoshiro were missing. I could sense Aria was still inside somewhere. Finally I looked back at Jay. “I don’t know… but it has to be done. Jasper has to die.”

The End

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