Harmony: My heart

Jay looked up at Xavior "Training?"

"Right. You guys ready?"

"Yeah" Jay and Asha said at the same time then laughed.

"I need to talk to Kyo" I said blandly, using my:  your still in trouble voice.

He nodded"Come out afterwards? We could use your help"

"Sure" Kyoshiro smiled

"Um, Xavior, your one down"

"What do you mean?"

"Amanda didn't want to change like that, she's with Jemma and Sara" I explained.

"Thanks Harmony" Xavior nodded at me and walked out.

"Is he okay?"

I shrugged "He'll be fine"

"Are you mad at him?"

"Extremely" I sighed " Could you come outside with me? I need to talk to you"

He smiled softly at me "Of course"

We ran at top speed until we were well out of the way of hearing distance from anyone in the mansion.

"Whats wrong?"

I stared at my feet, unsure how to start "The last time we saw each other..... you.... we sang"

"I remember" I heard the wistful tone in his voice

"At that moment, well....my heart felt like it was going to burst. I had never felt anything so strong before....." I blushed "I-I still feel like that, I think I still love you" I admitted, a tear rolling down my cheek

"It seems like every time we talk, you end up crying" he joked lightly and brushed my tears away "What about Xavior?"

"Thats why I wanted to talk to you. My heart feels strongly about both of you and I can't.....it hurts so much and I'll end up hurting you, both of you"


"Kyoshiro, I need to know, do you still love me?"

The End

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