Asha: Coming Clean.

Jay was looking directly into my eyes in a way that left me unable to move. His hand was resting on my arm gently but even without our link, it was impossible to miss the pain in his expression.

"Asha, what's wrong?" He repeated, his grip on my arm increasing. My injured shoulder protested a little but I bit back the pain. It would heal soon enough.

"Jay... I.." I sighed, turning to look at him face on. "I really didn't like the thought of you siring Jemma.  I guess I was jealous. We've not been married that long and already we hardly see each other and you're off with someone else." I looked down, feeling guilty already.

Jay stood for a moment, staring at me. Then a smile broke out on his face. He stepped forward, wrapping me in a close hug, heedless of the blood on my clothes.

"I was doing a job, just like you do. You have nothing to worry about Asha, my heart belongs to you and always will do." He murmured softly in my ear. "Asha, I love you and no other woman will ever change that."

I closed my eyes, putting my arms around him, the fear over Jasper's appearance fading to the back of my mind.

"I'm sorry Jay. I just couldn't bear the thought of someone else.." I muttered bitterly, unable to finish the sentence.

"Hey,"  he pulled away to look me in the eye. "It's nothing, don't worry about it now. I was scared I was losing you.."

I shook my head. "Jay.. there's something you need to know about this new job I have." I took a deep breath to steady my nerves before plunging on.

"Lee's brother is my 'partener' and he knows everything. He knows about us, he knows my name and he wants revenge. Our task is to destroy the Mansion. We have one month."

I felt Jay turn rigid when I said Lee's name.  He set his jaw angrily, saying nothing.

I laid my head on his chest, pulling him closer. "Please, do not go searching for him. I couldn't bear it if you got hurt."

He relaxed a little, putting his arms around me. "Its going to be okay Asha. I promise."

I didn't reply, still scared that Jay would go after Jasper. Eventually, I pulled away.

"I need a shower, I'll meet you downstairs." I spoke quietly.

Jay nodded, looking distracted, then left the room. I bit my lip, tempted to follow him, but instead decided to trust that he would not do anything stupid.

A while later, I was dressed again in my usual clothes, the Shadow mask in my pocket and my shoulder bandaged neatly where Jasper had stabbed me. We had gathered in the living room, Kyoshiro, Xavior, Harmony, Sylvester and others all gathered there.

"How is your shoulder?" Xavior asked, after filling me in on the altercation between him and Kyoshiro.

"Sore." I smiled "But it will be fine by this evening."

He nodded. "Good, we should start training the fledglings soon."

My gaze flicked up to Kyoshiro "Can I trust that you'll be helping with that?"

He nodded, making me smile with relief. The thought of attempting to control fledglings alone had felt very daunting. The panicked face of a young ruffian flickered in my mind.. from my own past.

The conversation drifted and I found Sylvester by my side.

"Are you okay" I asked, getting only a nod in reply.  I was going to say something else when the thought struck me.

"Where's Jay?" My voice rang through the room suddenly.

There was a moment's confused silence. I stood up.

"Where is Jay?" I demanded again. "Where is he?!"

The End

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