Xavior: Oops (thats an understatement)

I charged up the stairs, that insolent little.....

"What the hell Xavior? You can't go berserk whenever you feel like it! You could have really hurt Kyo!"

I spun round "Ha! He thinks he's hurt now, he touches you again-"

"Stop right there! Since when could you decide who touches me? I don't belong to you and FYI I can do what I like! Just because your jealous, it doesn't give you the right to do stuff like that! I am not your possesion!"

I placed my hand on her arm but she shook it off "No Xavior, I accepted you because it's whats on the insde that counts, if this is whats on the inside, I don't know you. You can talk to me when you've grown up"  Harmony slammed the door behind her so loud that it shattered my ear drums.

What the hell came over me? When I saw that guy hugging her....I couldn't control myself! It was then I remembered my father's words:

"My son,there will come a day when you fall for someone, be it vampire or otherwise. I want you to know this is very dangerous. An object of a pureblood's affection will be shown undying love and loyalty, intensified by our ancestrey but our emotions are unpredictable, and at times very irrational. Beware and be wary. Choose your bride with care my son, be careful."

I sighed. Normal vampires have intense emotions as it is, purebloods have even stringer emotions which can be very dangerous. I need to appologis, I have o appologise. I took a deep breath and walked down he stairs, smeling the other...Kyo, I made my way over to him.

Harmony's there. Crud. "Kyoshiro, I need to appologise for my wrecklace and thoughless behavior, there is no excuse for the way I acted. I am deeply sorry" I still didn't like it when he was near Harmony but that's normal, I'll just have to deal with it.

"Harmony, I don't expect you to forgive me, I was a jerk, a stupid, brainless jerk. I love you Har but I understand your feelings, I was wrong and I'm sorry"

Harmony's scowl softened and she sighed "I wan't you both to behave from now on okay?"


"Of course"

"Good, I think I'm gonna show Jack around and help him train, Kyo, could you help? I'm not too skilled a fighter and Xavior will be busy with the other's preparing things" I sighed and nodded, keep it cool Xavior, calm....

"Of course but I was going to.." he gestured to Sarah and Harmony smiled

"Go ahead, meet me in the Gardens in about an hour?"

The End

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