Harmony: Ugh!

I couldn't believe what had just happened. How could Xavior freak like that? Kyoshiro had to result in pulling his sword out on him! I know Kyoshiro's a stranger to him but how could he even begin to think.....? I shook my head, replaying what he had done, now Kyo had a black eye. I charged up the stairs after Xavior, my anger about to boil over. "What the hell Xavior? You can't go berserk whenever you feel like it! You could have really hurt Kyo!"

Xavior spun round "Ha! He thinks he's hurt now, he touches you again-"

"Stop right there! Since when could you decide who touches me? I don't belong to you and FYI I can do what I like! Just because your jealous, it doesn't give you the right to do stuff like that! I am not your possesion!"

He placed his hand on my arm but I shook it off "No Xavior, I accepted you because it's whats on the insde that counts, if this is whats on the inside, I don't know you. You can talk to me when you've grown up" I opened the door and walked into Jack.

"Oh, hey, I was looking for you"

"I'm going downstairs now, how about I grab you that cup of blood and we can talk" I smiled at him and we walked downstairs, leaving Xavior to sulk.

"Are you okay Har?"

"Yeah, but I should be the one asking you. Hows..."

"Oh, the black eye? It'll be gone by tommorrow"

The End

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