Sara: No. Way.

I paced my bedroom, which was weird, because I never normally paced. I was worried. That was it. Worried about Jack, a person I'd only just met. This was ridiculous! I couldn't wait. I went downstairs into the entrance hall, there was a girl there. She turned around.

"Hi, I'm Jemma" she said. Ohhhhhhhhhh, it was Jemma. She was turned. I was about to say 'hi' back, when someone - who's scent told me was still human - ran into the room.

"Jemma!" she cried.

"Amanda?" Jemma asked. Then they both left the mansion, Jemma looking utterly worried and confused. Ah well. They were really good friends, I understood. So I went back to looking for Jack. It was quite a bit later that I found not Jack, but... NO WAY! OK, I'd heard people talking downstairs, and a lot of mentions of his name, but, no way. No. Way. It was strange that I'd forgotten completely about him until now. I had to make sure.

"Kyoshiro?" I asked. He turned quickly around, as if he'd just been talking to someone else. But I couldn't see anyone else. Then he smiled.

"You're... Sara, right?" he said.

"Yes! I'm so happy to see you, Kyoshiro!" I hugged him. He hugged me back. Wow. This guy had supposedly died, and I had taken an unexpected blow to his death, and now he was back! "So how did you actually get back?"

"I'm not exactly sure"

"Oh, OK. Have you met- re-met everyone?"


"Have you met the new vampires?"


"Well, I was just looking for one. D'you mind helping?"

"Coarse not" so we started looking.

"Oh, hey Sara, Harmony's taking ages. I forgot where the kitchen is" looks like I just found him. I then see Harmony going up the stairs.

"You just missed her"

"Oh, OK. See ya" he said, following her up the stairs.

The End

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