Kyoshiro: Respect!

The vampire across the foyer looks at me with a glare. Insulted, I grasp my sword. I slowly push Harmony away and unsheath my sword. The movement is so fast that no one sees it happen until it is done. Using the blunt edge of the blade I manage to push him against the wall with my sword against his neck. I stare into his eyes and he growls.

"Who do you think you are?" I yell at him.

He looks over at Harmony and I notice that she seems worried. She runs over to me and tries to get me to pull my sword away.

"No, not now." I look again at the vampire. "What is your problem?"

"The name's Xavior, and my problem is you getting all cozy with my girl!"

He roars and pushes away the sword. Kyoshiro allows his grasp to falter and he lets Xaviour go. Xavior almost instantly jumps onto Kyoshiro and Kyoshiro throws his sword to a corner, purposefully.

"What you need is to learn a little respect for Harmony and realize that if she truly loves you, no amount of hugs can change that."

Xavior roars, "don't tell me how to live my life!"

Then, Xavior punches Kyoshiro in the face. Then, he punches again and again. Kyoshiro, tired of being beated around, wraps his legs around Xavior, rolls over, and stands up. Then he runs to his sword, purposefully slow.

Xavior quickly runs and passes Kyoshiro, he grabs the sword and wields it against Kyoshiro. Kyoshiro stops.

Time to lay the pillars of fear.

With full control of his sword he is able to control when it burns.

"Do you know what I can do to you? I can control every sensation of your body. For example, I can make you feel pain." At this moment he allows the burn of the handle of the sword to flare, Xavior drops the sword in pain. "And you don't know what I'm capable of. So, this battle is useless."

He walks over and picks up the sword and sheaths it. Meanwhile, Xavior runs quickly to his room. Harmony looks at Kyoshiro and shakes her head, then she goes to join Xavior. Kyoshiro stands in the foyer alone, looking out a window.

"Making new friends already."

The End

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