Xavior: Jealousy

"Stay here, Jack, make sure he stays out of trouble and I'll get you another cup of blood"

Jack nodded, damn, he can't think that I wont sneak off.... Harmony ran, a look of confusion etched into her face.

"Jack, you know I have to go"

"And you know Harmony has a temper, I'm not risking anything dude" he laughed

"Then at least let me go get a cup of blood, I'm parched"

Jack pursed his lips, he knows I'm lying "Okay, go 'get a drink'"

I smiled "Thanks man" I ran as fast as I could, following Harmony's scent, just as I was about to enter the kitchen....

"Kyoshiro!" Harmony hugged him tightly "I can't believe I forgot you I.....I missed you"

The guy smiled "I missed you too"

My fists balled up. I did not like him hugging her. Harmony seems so happy to see him, she's even crying. Why is she so happy?


Why? What the hell is going on? Sylvester's smiling, Harmony's exstatic.....the mood around here has never been so light.

I dont like it how she lets him hug her, how her eyes are so bright, what is this?


I never thought that I'd feel that one, ever. I caught 'Kyoshiro's' eye and glared, in that was a very clear message: I don't like you. His hand rested on his sword and I walked off, jealousy is a very strong emotion.

The End

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