Asha: A Call To Arms


Sylvester walked in, followed by Jay. I stared at them a moment, clearing my face. Jay crossed the room rapidly, pulling me into a tight hug. I put my arms round him, but I couldn't see past the image I still held in my head of him and Jemma. Jay frowned, looking at me.

 "What's wrong?" he sounded frightened. I opened my mouth, to say 'Nothing' but Sylvester saved me.

 "We need your help."

I stepped away from Jay and faced Sylvester. "What is it?"

"Kyoshiro, who I know you have already spoken to, says that in two weeks a hoarde of demons is headed right for us. We need you to help us find some kind of plan. And to fight. We need you to fight."

I nodded. " 'Course. I'll be here as always. And I guess training the fledglings will have to be started as soon as they are up. We'll need as many fighters as possible." I sighed, trying not to look at Jay. "I'll come down in a minute and talk with you. I need to take a shower, I've not had much of a change since I got back." I grimaced slightly. "And I need to clean my shoulder, put some bandages on it.. stuff like that." I still did not look at Jay. I couldn't. I felt guilty over the jealousy I felt with Jay siring Jemma, which made it even harder to face him. I sheilded our link as much as possible, but I could feel his emotions. I focused on Sylvester again.

"Give me half an hour maximum. I'll be there." I forced a smile. Sylvester gave me a searching look, before nodding and leaving. I felt tension creep into my shoulders. I took a breath to say something, but couldn't find any words, so I went to the bathroom. I put my hand on the doorhandle before Jay caught my shoulder. I gasped as pain flared and he pulled his hand away. I wheeled round to face hom.

"Asha! I'm sorry.. I forgot." He pulled a face then looked at me worried. "What is wrong?"

The End

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