Harmony: ...

I choked up something awful, a strange black ooze. I coughed, feeling ill.

"Are you okay Har?" I felt Xavior rubbing my back.

"I...I'm fine, now anyway. What the hell is that?"

Xavior looked at it gingerly "Blood, for some reason your body didn't accept it"

I swallowed hard "I....why?"

"I don't know, but everythings fine now, just relax"

I hugged myself to Xavior's chest "Your such an idiot"

He laughed, I could tell he was relieved.

Something overwhelmed my senses and I got up

"What is it Har?"

"Stay here, Jack, make sure he does and I'll grab you some more blood from the kitchen"


I walked towards the kitchen to see Sylvester hugging someone, someone in a kimono. My heart leapt and I don't know why. His eyes flashed up and he smiled.


"Do I know you?"

"My name is Kyoshiro" memories bagan to flood back, the excitement,the thrill and the greif.

My eyes widened "Hi"

The End

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