Jay: Forget

 My and Sylvester ran to Asha's room. I ran there to apologise, to try to make her happy with me again. But what was Sylvester doing here too? He was running in front of me, so he couldn't have just been following me.

 "Asha?" he said before opening the door. He walked in, and I followed. Asha was on the balcony, looking out into the forest. She whirled around at the sound of the door opening. She stared at Sylvester and me, and I noticed something on her cheek. A tear. I walked- almost ran- to her, and held her in a tight hug. She hugged back, but it didn't seem real. I frowned.

 "What's wrong?" I asked, frightened. She sighed, and opened her mouth to speak, but Sylvester interrupted her.

 "We need your help." He said simply.

The End

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