Asha: Memories

"Asha, my name is Kyoshiro. You wouldn't remember me, but we've met before. It's a real long story but here it goes.."

As soon as he said his name, something clicked deep in my mind. He carried on talking, telling me how he came here, filling in the holes in my memory.

Suddenly an image of his face rose in my minds eye. He was holding the same sword that was at his waist over my chest. There was an echo of the pain as it went down, peircing my heart.

Then again, a sense of crushing guilt, facing Kyoshiro and him telling me to be happy..

I looked up in amazement, the knot I had been tying forgotten as he drank some more of the blood.

"So, how shocked are you?" he said.

For a moment, I was totally speechless. Kyoshiro had been hovering in the back of my mind, a mess of guilt, mourning and hope at what he had told me but somehow his face had faded from my memory. I smiled suddenly, running around the table to give him a hug.

"Welcome back Kyoshiro." I said, in a muffled voice into his shoulder. I let him go and gave him a long look. "I remember...when you said your name, I remembered. Everything you did..." I paused. "You saved my life.."

I was leaning on the table now, still close by to Kyoshiro. It seemed too incredible that this vampire was back. I owed him so much and I had thought there would be no way to repay him. Now there was a chance. I couldn't look away, hardly able to believe it.

Kyoshiro smiled at me. "I'm really back Asha, not a ghost, not some kind of appirition, the real thing."

I nodded. "I just can't quite believe that you're really here.. You're meant to be dead."

Suddenly, Sylvester burst in, panicked.

“Asha – it’s gone! I must have dropped it in the forest, or the tree – God it could be anywhere!”

“Sylvester what’s going on? – ”

Sylvester froze suddenly, taking in Kyoshiro, clearly not remembering him, and seeing the Soulsphere (which I had not noticed up until now) tied to his sash.

“Where did you get that?”

“Hello Sylvester. I was wondering when I’d get to see you.” He paused looking long and hard at Sylvester. “Have you thought of Clara recently? The last time I saw her she was so pleased to have seen you again.”

I caught Sylvester's eye. I was still pretty shocked, but Sylvester looked like he had been hit by a steam train, and was pretty angry about it.

“Who are you?” He demanded, stepping forward. “Why do you know me – how do you know Clara? She’s dead! And what are you doing with the Soulsphere – it was in my pocket not ten minutes ago.”

I stood up properly, "Sylvester, it okay-"

It was at that point Jay came in, and my attention scattered. He looked deeply unhappy. I felt my face go hard, even though I didn't want it to. All I could do was look at him, the resentment that had been building up all day over him and Jemma was burning at the back of my throat. Kyoshiro saw my face and put a hand on my arm, either restraining or calming I couldn't tell.

"Excuse me." I muttered and walked out, not looking at anyone, keeping my head down. Kyoshiro could defend himself against Sylvester if it came to it and Jay.. Jay would have to wait. I hated what I was doing, but if I faced Jay right now, I didn't know how I would act.. Only that I was unhappy and a little angry over the whole turning business. I did not want to fight with Jay now. I ran up to my room, closing the door and going out onto the balcony, where I just stood, enjoying the quiet, cool night air. Gradually I began to feel calmer. Then someone knocked on the door, pushing it open without waiting for me to respond.


The End

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