Sylvester: Memory thief

After following Jasper, Lee’s brother, through the forest to make sure he truly was leaving I returned to the mansion. Jay was sitting outside the front door, his head in his hands. He looked up as I approached and grunted his hello.

“What's happened?” I asked.

“Asha… she – ”

“Sorry,” I stopped him abruptly, “I meant with the fledglings in there.” I jerked my head to the mansion before us and he nodded, as though he had expected I wouldn’t ask him about his marital problems.

“Jemma’s turned. Jack is also. I haven’t seen the others.”

I decided against giving Jay a pat on the shoulder, and instead shoved my hands in my pockets and strode into the mansion to meet the new vampires. As I was crossing the entrance hall towards the kitchen where I could hear familiar voices, I stopped short and rummaged a bit deeper into my pockets.

It couldn’t be gone.

I heard a man’s voice in the kitchen, and could see Asha sitting with a glass of blood through the doorway. She was gaping at someone just out of sight. I had one last check and then, gaining pace, flew into the kitchen. “Asha – it’s gone! I must have dropped it in the forest, or the tree – God it could be anywhere!”

“Sylvester what’s going on? – ”

Just then I caught sight of a man in a kimono with a sword by his side and one hand resting around a glass of blood. My eyes were drawn to his other hand in which casually lay the Soulsphere – the perfect jewel, glimmering in the harsh kitchen light.

“Where did you get that?”

“Hello Sylvester. I was wondering when I’d get to see you.” He paused and took me in. “Have you thought of Clara recently? The last time I saw her she was so pleased to have seen you again.”

Asha caught my eye – evidently she was still pretty shocked by whatever he’d been telling her before I ran in.

“Who are you?” I took a menacing step forward. “Why do you know me – how do you know Clara? She’s dead! And what are you doing with the Soulsphere – it was in my pocket not ten minutes ago.”

The End

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