Kyoshiro: Asha, such a long time.

I stand in the kitchen, drinking the all to familiar blood. Not having had some for what felt like an eternity, this was a welcome release to my thirst.

"Asha, my name is Kyoshiro. You wouldn't remember me, but we've met before. It's a real long story but here it goes.

I came here in the summer of 2009, I quickly made friends with a few of the inhabitants. Things started to go quite bad. I had an item, and I still have it, called the Soulsphere. This Soulsphere lead to much debate and in the end we were attacked. We won the fight, as you remember, and I helped. Sadly, one of my friends, you infact, were hurt. And I sacraficed my life to save yours. And cured you of your allergy to holy weapons. Then, my soul was trapped within the Soulsphere. I was bound to spend eternity within it. Then, Sylvester smashed the Soulsphere, allowing me to enter heaven. I left the world in September.

While I was up there, I felt a tugging for this old life of mine. And I wanted to come back. I was granted access in my complete body, with all items and abilities restored. But, none of you were able to remember me.

A little about me though, to help you. I am roughly 3500 years old. I've stopped keeping count. Every 100 yeras I just change it. The abilities I have portrayed infront of you, the ones I am willing to share are: My ability to go without feeding for a week; My ability to create fire with my energy; and my ability to change my appearance. I have the Soulsphere on me, though don't tell anyone. It is an item that steals souls from bodies, it can also steal demons and various other things. I also have my sword, this was forged by a demon long ago. It chooses it's master and has thankfully chosen me. If anyone grabs it's handle their hands burn. I do believe that Jay or Raven, one or the other, would've had my sword after I died. Technically they still do, this is a perfect and immaculate replica, but for all intents and purposes it is the same."

I drink some more of the blood in the packet I am holding.

"So, how shocked are you?"

The End

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