Kyoshiro: Is this... possible?

I stand infront of the large mansion I remember so well. Vampire Mansion. My samurai kimono was on and I felt my sword at my left hip, it's weight reminding me of gravity's effect on me. So much time has passed and I have changed. I now have brown hair, brown eyes but a look of my chinese ancestry was still there. I look in my pocket and find the Soulsphere, that dreaded thing that won't be destroyed.

"What... how... is this possible?" I ask myself.

Then I remember.


"Kyoshiro, step forward."

I obey the command fearfully.

"You wish to redo life, correct?"

I nod.

"Yes, sir."

"Good, then you shall be granted back your body, with all of your possessions previous to the night you died. Your clothes, your sword, and the Soulsphere."

"Thank you, sir."

"But, no one will remember you. They will not remember who you are or what you did. You must make new bonds with them. Now, go!"


The memory was still fresh, burning into my mind. Then, I walk forward, into the house, the mansion. And I notice a familiar face.


The End

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