Harmony: Wide eyes

Pure blood

Pure blood

Pure blood

I couldn't take it in.

Xavior's eyes were glowing aviolet colour that made him appear truly dangerous and.....frightening. His blonde hair highlighted his eyes, making him appear worse than my nightmares.

"Get inside Harmony"


Xavior crouched, going for the kill. A terrifying snarl ripped through him, making me tremble and squeeze his hand.

Asha suddenly came out and took the man away, Xavior became himself and crouched beside me. "Are you okay?"

I didn't awnser, my voice would crack and give me away, I was afraid.

"I'm sorry Harmony, I wanted to tell you, I was going to before....." he bowed his head "I'm sorry Harmony, we have to inside now" he reached out and picked me up.

I stayed silent, my eyes wide. They know. Danger is coming. We might lose. The tears came fast down my cheeks, sobbing wildly. Xavior put me down and sat in the corner across the room. He thought I was scared of him. I wanted more than anything to hold his hand, to bury my face and hold on tight, but I couldn't move, my head was spinning and I felt bizarre. My eyes drooped, my throat seizing up.

The End

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