Jemma: Vampire

I woke up in a bedroom. I didn't have much time to notice anything else before I noticed the extreme dry feeling in my throat. It was terrible. Like having sceptic tonsil itis, but millions of times worse. My hands automatically moved up to my neck. But it was too much to bear so I went into the bathroom and gulped down some water from the tap. It just got worse. I didn't know where Xavior would be, so I went to find Jay. After all, he had changed me. He was in the lounge tidying away some abandoned board games. 

"Hi" I said. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when my voice came out as a barely audiable croak. He turned around.

"Hey, how are you?" he asked. I tried to say 'I'm fine' but my voice had completely disappeared. "Ah, I see" he took my hand and led me into a kitchen. Then he poured a red liquid, which I refused to think of a blood, into a large glass and gave it to me. As soon as the smell reached me I downed the whole thing in the space of three seconds. Then I just stared at the empty glass. I could not believe I had just done that. "Don't worry"

"But..." I trailed off, slightly surprised when my voice came out clearly.

"Because you're a vampire. It's what vampires do" Jay smiled.


"That's OK. Hey, why don't you sign your name in the book? You'll be the first person to do that in ages. Then you can go and introduce yourself to people. But I need to go and find Asha, she'll be worried. You don't mind being left alone, do you?"

"It's fine. Thanks Jay, you've been a real help" I smiled. He smiled back and then left quickly. I wondered over to the book. There were at least twenty names in there. Each with different handwriting.More than the amount of people here. More than half of them were crossed out with a neat line. I took the pen and wrote my own name. A key dropped at my feet, I didn't look at the number but I guessed it was the room I woke up in. I turned around to that someone had just come into the reception room. "Hi, I'm Jemma" I said.

The End

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