Xavior: crup

Harmony cried a little and I understood why, she had never drank from a human, let alone sired one. "Shhhh it's okay Har Shhhhhh, I'm here"

"I love you Xavior and I want to stay with you, forever"

I stiffled the surprise building inside of me, both guilt and relief overcoming it. I have to tell her, now. "I want to be with you too Har and I promise to stay by your side forever,  love you " I took a breah to say something but Harmony cut me off pressing her lips to mine. I automatically pulled her closer, she still had blood on her lips and some of it passed to mine.

I tried to break away, I had to tell her...... I opened my eyes and I could see how scared she was, eyes closed, hands shaking.

I finally pulled away "We should go down stairs, Jack'll need to wake up in his own time"

Harmony took my hand and we rushed down the stairs, I snuck glances at Harmony and she looked fine, if I didn't know any better (which I did) I'd say that Harmony was perfect, calm and happy. Inside she was anxious, worried and upset, could I tell her now?

We went out to the garden and stopped by the fountain "Har, I need to tell you something"

"What is it?" her eyes sparkled and I felt her concern wrap around me like a blanket

Just then someone burst through the bushes and I push Harmony behind me.

"Why hello there, I was hoping to find someone around, do you know where the Shadow is?"

"We just barely escaped, she didn't notice us" Harmony looked confused but kept her mouth shut.

"Such a shame" the man laughed and took a step foward

"Oh yes? why would that be?"

"This is a new shirt and blood is very hard to get out you know" his eyes scanned us and rested on Harmony, an evil smile spreading across his face

I felt the pure blood side of mecome up andlet it go"Get away, now" my eyes lowed violet

"Who are you to-" he gulped "A pure blood!"

"You should hope I don't kill you now, be thankful for a lady's presence"

Harmony's eyes were wide and she griped my hand.

"Harmony, get inside"


I scowled at the man, the shadow s bringing you your proof but I will not alow you to leave so easily. I snarled and felt Harmony shake beside me, the whole house probably heard that. Ah, crup.

The End

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