Harmony: I....

We talked for a bit about Xavior's annoying habbits, makin us both laugh, then it became awkward.

"So....where do you want to go?" I stared at my feet

"Anywheres fine,  somewhere privae may be best though"

"Okay, follow me" we walked to my room in silence and when I shut the door behind us he smiled at me sheepishly.

"Where do you want me?"

"Take your pick"

Jack layed dow on the ed and I gingerly supported his bac so his head was tilted, I hesitated. "I trust you Harmony, go for it"

My mouth found his neck easily and I bit. The blood rushed down my throat, adrenaline crept in and I heard his winces fade.  I remembered how different ths was for me, the paain and lonleyness. I pulled away and bit my arm, putting it to his lips. He sucked with all his might and I found myself wincin, he was taking alot.

I pried away my arm and hugged myself on the floor "Xavior" I whispered his arms wraped around me and I buried my face in his chest.

"Shhhh, you've done very well, hush now, I'm here for  you"

I puled  my head up andpressed my lips to his, needing some comfort,he kissed back and I felt my senses open as the fresh blood rushed through me. "I love you Xavior, more than anything else and I want to stay with you, forever"

"Same here Har, I'll stay by your side, now and forever. I love you so much" he kissed my forehead "Time to go downstairs, Jack needs to be alone"

The End

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