Jay: Thinking Of Asha

 Everyone walked into separate rooms to do it. I didn't say anything except for when Jemma asked me where we should go, and I suggested to do it in the clump of bushes where I had trained my powers with...Asha. She was happy to do it there, and her pace, though slow, didn't annoy me. It gave me time to fill my brain with thoughts of Asha. Her beautiful face; her tumbling black hair and her perfect blue eyes. She was the love of my life.

 We got to the bushes after about a minute, and Jemma was sitting on the remains of a tree awkwardly. I stood at the edge, feeling out of place.

 "So..." Jemma said, lost for words,

 "I guess we just have to...Do it..." I said. She nodded.


 "I won't move quickly." I said, moving slowly towards her. She shook her head.

 "I'd prefer it if you moved as fast as possible, actually." She stated. I nodded, and was plunging my teeth into her bare neck in a flash. She cried out in pain, but made no other noises.

 I'd drunk enough after approximately half a minute. Her head flopped around everywhere, and she was obviously out of it. I made a slit on my wrist, and pushed it to her lips. She drank forcefully, as if she needed it. I could remember the feeling clearly.


 Pain shot through my veins for a moment, but there was no other pain. Once Valentina pulled her teeth out, I felt unbelievably thirsty, and my throat was dry. I needed to drink, and Valentina offered her slit chest. I drank from it thirstily. The blood felt good, but it seemed like she had an endless amount of it. After a while, she pulled away. I watched the slit on her chest fade to a purple colour, and harden into a scar. Dizziness overtook me, and I blacked out.


 I pulled my wrist away from her parted lips. Her eyes were rolling back into here head, and she fell to the ground, unconscious. I carried her back to the mansion to put her in a room.

The End

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