Asha: Siring.

Jemma chose Jay. I suddenly wanted out. Away from all of this. I felt like screaming, telling them they were crazy, to get that girl away from my husband before she hurt him. Before something happened. I stepped back, away from the groups of people talking. I took another, headed to the door. I was just about to turn, when Jay looked at me in alarm.

"Asha? What is it?"

I shook my head rapidly. "I can't...." I muttered, as more heads turned.

I'll be in the forest..Someone should find Sylvester. I can't.. you with her. I don't want to see it. I'm sorry. Jay nodded. Everyone around him looked confused as only Jay could hear. 

I turned and fled before someone could catch me. As soon as I hit the forest, I picked up Sylvester's scent and followed it. I finally found him in a tree overlooking the Mansion. I sprang lightly into a neighboring branch.

"Hey," I called softly. "Its just me."

He glanced up, smiled briefly and then continued to gaze at the Mansion. I dropped beside him.

"If its any help, I agree with what you said back at the Mansion. This is crazy. One of the sires is almost certainly going to get hurt.."

Sylvester flinched slightly. "Who's volunteered?" he asked in a low voice.

"Harmony, Cheshire...Jay and Aria." I muttered, looking away.

"....And who's..?"

 "Ethan chose Cheshire, Jack chose Harmony,Amanda chose Aria,  and Jemma chose Jay." I replied flatly.

Sylvester didn't reply for a long time. I put my hand on his arm.

"Aria chose to do this of her own accord. I know exactly how you feel...I hate the idea of Jay siring anyone.." I swallowed hard, gritting my teeth. "But we have to let them do it. This is the best chance we have..and I think Aria would like to know you're okay. She seemed worried about you."

"I'm fine." Sylvester replied, his face hard. I shoved him suddenly, my eyes blazing. He gripped the branch hastily, turning to look at me.

"What the hell was that for?!" he yelled at me. "I nearly fell!"

"Don't you dare think you're the only one suffering here." I replied in a low voice. "You think I want Jay in danger? We've been married less than a week! I've hardly seen him in that time! I've been right into the heart of the Council and back already, seen the brother of the guy who nearly killed me and found out he's coming here. And he knows everything. I'll have to face him in just under a month. Not only that but I have to train these fledglings despite the fact I don't want to be anywhere near them and I have to somehow convince the Council I have actually done something. I have a contract to destroy the Mansion. That is my job. Oh yeah, and I have to pretend its okay. That I'm fine with it. That I am not hating every second I have to spend as the Shadow." I blinked back tears. "I know how much you care about Aria. I understand how you're feeling, I really do But do not punish the rest of us over it. We are all suffering, we all hate this.." I closed my eyes again. "This was a bad idea.. I'm sorry."

I jumped down, landing for a split second on a lower branch, before landing silently on the ground in a crouch. I straightened up just as Sylvester landed next to me. I turned to face him. 


The End

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