Xavior: Chosen

I saw Harmony's fists ball up and I felt guilty, she should no be here. "I'll do it" she whispered

Everyone looked at her in stunned silence and I felt like a terrible person,I put an arm around her reassuringly "Har, you don't-"

"I said I'll do it. Hopefully there is something in me I can transfer to one of them, it may make them less bloodthirsty, besides, there is no chance it'll end badly" she smiled sheepishly "Remember, I'm the worlds most squeamish vampire"

I gripped her shoulders "Are you sure?"


I sighed, I hated the idea of her siring someone but I know that she is too stubborn to let it go. I swallowed back the bile in my throat and gave her a hard look.

"Then it's settled, Aria, Cheshire, Jay and..." I swallowed hard "Harmony will sire my friends, Amanda, Jack, Jemma, Ethan, take your pick"

Ethan stepped foward "I would like to be sired by Cheshire, I trust in him" I did notice how Ethan could get a low down on how people are and I nodded

"Fine with me" Cheshire shrugged

"I would like to be sired by Aria, she is honest and I trust her" she smiled shyly

"I wish to be sired by Jay" Jemma said strongly " His heart is good and pure"

"Awesome" I heard Jack whisper with genuine enthusiasm "I trust in Harmony completely, I promise to be good" I know he meant this genuinley, as in, he will keep his mouth shut and not make it any harder for her.

"Then I guesse it is final, if you accept them, take them away, get to know them, we will all understand if you cannot go through with it" I sneaked a glance at Harmony, her eyes were sure and I knew that no matter what, she was determind to do a good job.

Amanda stepped by Aria, Ethan by Cheshire, Jemma by Jay and Jack by Harmony.

I swallowed hard and everyone parted. "Jack, may I speak wth Harmony for a moment?"

Jack nodded and smiled at Sara, walking up the stairs.

"What do you think your doing Harmony?  I can't believe you! How could you choose to do something like this? I didn't think you would ever...Jesus F-ing hell Harmony!You said you were against this! I thought you didn't want to be a part of it" My anger raged inside me, what if she got hurt? What if she liked it to much? She's never 'fed' that way before.....

"I didn't, but then I saw how vampires can develope traits of their turners, if they get to know them, for instance, our powers. I control emotions, you feel and sense, we are linked. I am glad that Jack has chosen me, he is eager to learn and I know that he will be a good vampire, I won't let him become what I have always feard-" she cut herself off, realising she had given too much away.

"What you have always feared?" My eyes filled with concern and I reached out to touch her, she moved.

"Yes, that I will become a monster" she whispered "I was afraid that after spending so much time with.....that I would be like them, that I would think like them." I saw a tear slide down her cheek "But I will not become that, I refuse to, and I refuse to let anyone else fear the same" she clenched her jaw and stared at the floor. "I'm going to do this Xavior but I need your help"

I pulled her to my chest "I'll help however I can Har, sorry I yelled, I was just....." I kissed her head "I believe in you Har, get to know Jack, call if you need me"

She looked up at me with wet eyes and smiled softly "Thank you Xavior"

I kissed her cheek, wiping away a stray tear "Go on."

harmony walked over to Jack and went up the stairs, chatting happily. Thats my girl.

The End

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