Harmony: Sure

I clenched my fists and swallowed back the bile in my throat, unable to believe what I was aboutto say. "I'll do it" I whispered

Everyone turned, looking astonished. I had made it clear I would not be a part of this but.....I have to.

 Xavior put an arm around me reassuringly "Har, you don't-"

"I said I'll do it. Hopefully there is something in me I can transfer to one of them, it may make them less bloodthirsty, besides, there is no chance it'll end badly" I smiled sheepishly "Remember, I'm the worlds most squeamish vampire"

Xavior gripped my shoulders "Are you sure?"


Xavior sighed, I knew he didn't like the idea of me siring anyone but he knew how stubborn I was, I wouldn't back down

"Then it's settled, Aria, Cheshire, Jay and..." he swallowed hard "Harmony will sire my friends, Amanda, Jack, Jemma, Ethan, take your pick"

The End

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