Aria: I'm In

 “I just don’t think you really know what you’re getting yourselves into" Sylvester said before turnin' sharply on his heels and stormin' out of the mansion.

Everythin' since the wedding had just zoomed by so fast I'd barely had time to sort anything out. Chesh was still on my case about the whole...secret thang. Not to mention our little war against the Council, and now Xavior brings these four kids over who four of us are sposed to Sire...

Chesh glanced over at me, no doubt expecting me to follow Sylvester. Much as I wanted to go after him and cheer him up, I needed to be here. These kids were our future and one wrong move could destroy everythang. 'Specially since Chesh was still at the mansion. That boy has a habit of doin' reckless things. He flicked his tail and smiled coyly before looking back at the four humans.

"I'll do it" he said nonchalantly, as if it was nothin'.

"Chesh, you've only ever Sired one person" I said quietly.

"And they were very ungrateful" I couldn't tell if he was jokin' or not.

I frowned and sighed. Sylvester'd hate me for this... "I... I guess I'll do it".

Harmony looked disappointed, like she'd expected me to make a stand like her and Sylvester. Chesh gave me a smug grin and I frowned at him. I crossed my arms protectively and waited for the others to speak their minds on the whole situation. Xavior nodded at Chesh and me and turned back to the others.

Chesh leant over to me and whispered smugly "Sylvester's going to hate you"

The End

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