Sylvester: The brutal truth

When I was finally well enough to hold down the churning contents of my stomach I joined the group congregating in the hall. Harmony stood close to me as if she thought, when the time came, the two of us would be able to quietly disappear together, set up lodgings in the attic… as if that would help block the sound of people being turned. It sickened me, as I turned my eyes on the four people huddled together behind Xavior, that I still felt hunger at the sight of humans. I found myself focusing on the smooth skin of the shorter girl’s neck, and forced myself to find Aria’s eyes in the crowd instead. She smiled weakly, but reassuringly.

“Now, I know there are some of you here,” Xavior started, turning to face the resident vampires, “who don't like the idea of siring someone. I respect that. However, we do need some of you to step forward so that this bunch,” he indicated the humans behind him, “can choose someone to help them out.”

Asha spoke up first. “You know I can't sire anyone. However, I can help out keeping everyone in line and weapons' training if you want. I have nothing against what you want,” She addressed the humans, “just that if I had a fledgling with me, both of us would likely get killed.”

I smirked at Jay’s face; I could tell he was thinking what everyone else was. How comforting it must feel to know the brutal truth. I looked at the humans, expecting fear or apprehension, a desire to change their minds, but instead I saw an eagerness I’d never known. This incensed me and before I could stop myself I shouted, “You know you’re as good as dead.”

Xavior spun around and glared at me. “They know what they’re getting themselves into – ”

“You’re a distraction – so that we can get in and do the job whilst you divert them.” I went on coldly, staring down the humans. “There's not enough time to train you well enough. You’re going to be slaughtered, or captured and tortured.”

“Or experimented on.” Harmony added quietly.

“Exactly!” I exclaimed as Asha tried to shush me. Xavior looked furious, but the humans didn’t seem deterred at all. “I just don’t think you really know what you’re getting yourselves into.” I turned on my heel and left the mansion, hearing nothing but shocked silence behind me. So much for camping out in the attic.

The End

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