Asha: Passing on the Message

I sent Xavior an update via a mental projection, as I was too comfortable with Jay to want to see anyone else. He was suprised, as I had been, to find out about Jasper and when I told him of the deadline, he called a meeting in the hall. Jay and I went through together, our hands linked.

Xavior quickly outlined what I had told him.

"Now, I know there are some of you here," he said, turning to the resident vampires "Who don't like the idea of siring someone. I respect that. However, we do need some of you to step forward so that this bunch," he indicated the group of humans who had bunched togather behind him, "can choose someone to help them out."

I spoke out first. "You know I can't sire anyone. However, I can help out keeping everyone in line and weapons' training if you want." I looked at the humans "I have nothing against what you want, just that if I had a fledgling with me, both of us would likely get killed."

Comforting... Jay muttered in my head.

Don't want to give them any fancy ideas of what's going to happen Jay.. It wouldn't be fair.

I saw a couple of the people nodding at what I had said. Then the others began to declare their intentions. I squeezed Jay's hand lightly.

Whatever happens Jay, I'm not letting go.

The End

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