Xavior: Message

I wrapped my arms around her, wondering is she really meant it, if she could really never hate me "I love you." I turned her to face me so that her head was on my chest, at least one more night, then I'll tell her.


"Yes?" she lifted her head and I pressed my lips to hers.

"I love you"

Her eyes grew soft and she smiled sweetly "I love you too Xavior" her head rested on my chest again and I just held her. In that moment there were no battles, violence or blood lust, just us.

Xavior. They know.

My eyes widened, it had to be important if Asha was sending a message this way.


Lee. I could hearthe snarl in her thoughts and from what I heard from Harmony, this guy had some serious issues.

Harmony said he was dead.

His brother.

Ah. Thats not good, vampires are territorial about their families.

I know.

What happened? Give me every detail.

Asha sent me the conversation through telepathy and I slowly stopped swaying with Harmony. "Whats wrong?"

"I think the hours up, we need to meet the others"

"Xavior, I don't think"

"Not for that, we need to talk battle strategy but the turning will begin soon, I'll let you know when, then you, Sylvester and whoever doesn't want to chance it can go to their rooms or the attic or something until it's over"

Harmony's position was tense. I kissed her forehead and grabbed her hand "It'll be okay, promise"

Asha, I'm just about to call the meeting, we may need to tell everyone whats going on, we need to plan with precision.


And Asha?


Imira will need to come

But I-

She's not the person ypu have a contract on


Your contract lists, bold, feirce, dangerous, murderous and cruel. Imira is not all of those things, she's not what the contract discribes

.....how did you....?


We came into the lobby "Can everyone come to the hall? We need to talk!"

The End

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