Sara: Jack

Jack was nice. He seemed to understand and didn't push me into telling him what was wrong, like some people would. 

I just grinned when Xavior said that Jack was flirting with me. I don't mind stuff like that. Anyway, we were told to meet up in about an hour, so the other three went off to explore the mansion, and Jack went with me.

"So, I'm guessing this place is big?" he said.

"Yeah. I haven't even seen it all yet. But I can show you the places I have seen... and maybe I'll find some more" I smiled. He smiled too. He had a nice smile...

"So what's this room?" he asked as we went into the...

"Umm... It's the lounge, front room, living room. Whatever. But I don't think it really counts as a living room, so I call it the sofa room" I said. This was the last room, we'd been in all the others.


"It's hardly ever used. I think I was the last person to come in here... I'm not sure" then I noticed the shredded remains of one of my books on the floor next to the table. I picked it up "No, no I wasn't" this must have got broken in that fight between Sylvester and Kyoshiro. Whoa, that was a way long time ago. "See what I mean? I was reading this in here about a year ago, and no-one moved it"

"Yeah, but they broke it"

"They didn't mean to break the book" I said, going over to the video player. Sure enough, Titanic was still in there. I never did get to watch that. I put it back in it's box. Then I noticed some games in the corner. "Wanna play Jenga?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" and so we played Jenga. And all the other games in the room. It was the most fun I'd had in ages.

The End

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