Harmony: Back

After I talked to Sylvester I went to my room, deciding that I should pack some books for the wait ahead. I began to sing absentmindedly "Clouds of grey, fade away...stars begin to shine nanana...nananaaa....nanaaaaaaaaaa" I sat down on my bed and pulled out a flask. Well, I will need to be prepared for everything. I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen, warming up some blood and pouring it into the flask. I took a few sips of chilled, feeling alot better.

The clock began to ding and I realised how late it was midnight?! wow, I'd better get to bed.

The nigt passed slowly, my thoughts a multitude of questions

Whats Xavior doing now?

Is he okay?

How much longer will he be gone?

Eventually I managed to drift off into a sweet dreamless sleep.


I opened my eyes to light of sunrise, "Wow it's early"

I changed out of my clothes from the previous day and into a light pink dress, my hair hung loose down my back and my eyes were slightly wide from the little amount of sleep.

I heard the front doors close and smiled, running out of my room so fast, the door didn't have a chance to close. "Xavior!" I threw my arms around him, exstatic to have him back.

"Hey" he chuckled "I missed you"

"Good" I laughed "Hi, I'm Harmony"

I swallowed hard, forcing a smile. I know these guys. I sighed and Xavior pulled me back to him, pressing his lips to mine. I locked my arms around his neck, not wanting to let go.

Someone coughed. "Right" Xavior laughed and called everyone down "Jemma, Ethan, Amanda and the one flirting with Sara over there is Jack"

"Wait a minute" Jay interrupted "I thought you said there were five"

"Um....One joined the council"

Jay rolled his eyes, I didn't have to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking 'typical'

"So, I thought we could all get to know eachother for a bit first, how about we all meet in the hall in about an hour?"

"Sounds good"

Xavior smiled "Well then, feel free to explore guys, but try not to get lost"

Everyone walked off and Xavior hugged me. I tried to pull away "Whats wrong?"

"You know" I gave him a meaningful look and walked up the stairs "Make yourselves at home guys, excuse me" I walked toward my room, not wanting to face the truth, the memory.

"We have a chance, if we don't go now there won't be another for a few more years" Xavior tugged at my arm
"Xavior you have to savee the others first" I persisted
"Harmony, this may be our only chance"
"I'm not going until the others are safe, their older than me and alot closer to the deadline. I'm not going without them"
Xavior sighed "Your such a nice person Har, Okay, I'll come back for you, I promise, I will get you out of here"
"Alright Xavior, just go! Quickly!"

Xavior wasn't quick enough and he couldn't get me, the others were safe though and that was all that mattered to me, they weren't going to have the same fate, I was stubborn about it. Now I feel as though my efforts were partly in vain, they wanted immortality and even after what they've seen of this world....they want in.

I exhaled sharply as I zipped up my backpack. "Harmony" Xavior shut the door "I'm sorry, they've been begging me for years and now-"

"And now theres such a brilliant excuse, they get what they want in return for help with the council" I narrowed my eyes

"Har, I know your upset, I know you'll hate me for it, I know you'll be angry but I just don't know what to do. They need to protect themselves better, their not safe even now"

"What do you mean?"

"Several vampires have been sent to kill them when they sepperate, all end up wounded and feeling sorry for themselves but Amanda almost got killed yesterday."

"So you think after.....they'll be able to protect themselves?"

"I hope so but I flicked through some papers, they were planning to track someone down and get them to turn them, this is safer for them, who knows what trap they'll fall into and-"

"Will you stop? I have to admit I will be angry and upset however if this was inevitable I have to agree ths part is safer. And for the record I won't hate you, I could never hate you"



Xaviors arms wrapped around me and he pulled me to his chest "I love you"

The End

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